Our Mission

We take a holistic approach to player development, providing resources that help athletes become professional rugby players, maximize on-field performance, generate off-field opportunities, and prepare for life after they hang up their boots. Improved player performance, commercial opportunities and elite resource development will help grow the game in North America. Our athlete-driven model aligns incentives, so athletes share in the value we generate and have a strong voice in our strategic direction, positioning the AC to grow as the game of rugby does.

As we celebrate the growth of the professional game in North America, it's important to recognize the challenges that our athletes face as professionals in a developing sport. Given that our athletes have a short professional career and that our athletes can be financially vulnerable, The AC has created a business that offers our athletes the support needed to maximize their potential during and after their playing careers.

At the Athlete Collective, we recognize the increasing need to support athletes, not only in their efforts to perform consistently at an elite level, but also to develop and support educated and informed athletes with complimentary life skills for a smooth transition in life after sport. 

The Athlete Collective is a player founded and led initiative, designed to help athletes maximize value on and off the field, and to help them succeed before, during and after their professional careers.   

Provide world-class expertise to the best and soon-to-be the best players in the country to maximize their on-field performance.'

Create long-lasting value by fostering a community of current and former players that will support the player’s experience in professional rugby and beyond.

Help rugby players to maximize their commercial opportunities as the game in North America grows.

Develop an organization with a unique business model that keeps money in the system and allows for the business to grow and be profitable.